Make sure to get a reliable tube or pipe bending machine quotation

Has your prospective tube bending machine supplier asked you for the following information before sending you a quotation? If they have not it maybe that you are not getting an accurate quote. 

The sector

Which sector will your products be used in? Furniture, design, aeronautics, automotive, heat exchange, plumbing, navy or general fittings? Each sector has its own unique requirements for tubes and pipe bending. 

Finish quality, durability, production speed and product complexity all need to be carefully considered. Make sure your bending machine producer knows about the needs of your industry. 

Technical specifications

  1. Characteristics of the tube
    1. Exterior diameter 
    2. Thickness of the tube
    3. Material
  2. Characteristics of the individual pieces
    1. Average radius
    2. Ideally, they would ask for drawings showing the complexity of the required bends. Are there various radius requirements? Are the pieces particularly long? Is the distance between bends restricted?

Production capacity

How many pieces need to be produced in how much time? Hybrid and electric machines have different capacities. 

For example, automatic loading and unloading systems can dramatically increase productivity for large orders.

Compare quotes

Some quotes include more than others so be sure to compare like with like. Remember to check whether or not the following items are included:

  • Guarantee
  • Delivery
  • Assistance
  • Software support – is a standalone programme licence included for the office?
  • Tools: following blocks, wiper die support, rolls support, lubrication systems, control console
  • Tooling set