Flecte Project

Unique, high performance machines for the cold tube deformation.

Flecte’s technical staff have 20-years’ experience in the tube bending sector. Together with our our modern systems of production, this guarantees reliability and quality on both our standard and special machines.

The word “Flecte” is Latin for “to bend”.

Our story never follows a straight line. Sometimes it is necessary to turn, "to bend". Our team has done just that. Starting from what we know best, bending metal, we are forging a new path with the birth of the Flecte Project.

The Flecte project consists in the conception and realization of engineering products for the cold formation of materials, specifically LINEAR BENDING MACHINES.

Flecte conceives and produces linear bending machines for the cold formation of tubes.

We innovate every step of the way for:

  • streamlined structural mechanical projection;
  • easy to use interfaces for software, hardware and 3D simulation;
  • aesthetically designed in response to production criteria and market analysis.

This synergy allows to Flecte to create a unique bending machine line with high performance levels and highly competitive market prices.

All the commercial components are chosen from the best world brands. Analysis and close collaboration with our suppliers means an optimum quality-price ratio. Flecte has a technical staff with 20-years’ experience in the tube bending sector. This experience and our modern systems of production guarantee reliability and quality both on standard and special machines.

Flecte has a standard bending machine line divided by tube.

The models are defined as follows:

Maximum size 25mm 1" VEX259

Maximum size 45mm 2" VEX453 VEX455 VEX457 VEX459
Maximum size 65mm 3" VEX653 VEX655
Maximum size 90mm 4" VEX903 VEX905
Maximum size 120mm  5" VEX1203 VEX1205
Maximum size 150mm 6" VEX1503 VEX1505

The nomenclature of these models indicates the maximum tube size and number of electrical axes (for example: 454 = 45 mm di D max tube - 4 indicates the electric axes Y-X-Z-R)

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Quality through innovation.

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