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Your tube bending partner

Design and production of engineering products for the cold deformation of materials.

Our story never follows a straight line. Sometimes it is necessary to turn, "to bend". Our team has done just that. Starting from what we know best, bending metal, we are forging a new path with the birth of the Flecte Project.

Customized solutions

We provide innovative proposals and solutions for all bending request.

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Featured products

Flecte has a standard bending machine line with sizes that satisfy all market demands.


9 CNC Axes

The full electric is quick and flexible for greater productivity. Designed for multiple stack and easy load/unload solutions.

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5 CNC Axes

The multi-purpose combines reliability and agility with strength and stability to make this the best model for variable production.

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9 CNC Axes

The full electric is quick and flexible for greater productivity in size 2". The latest addition to the Flecte house, designed for multiple stack and easy load/unload solutions.

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9 CNC Axes

The strength and stability to bend large tubes with multiple stacks and no loss of performance.

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Insights from Flecte’s world of tube bending machines.


Different Materials, Different Problems, Different Solutions

This is the first of a three-part blog series that explores how different materials behave during the cold deformation tube bending process. Each material has its own characteristics, specific strengths and weaknesses and its own problems and critical issues when bending.


From Flecte and Bosch Rexroth a fully electric Bending Machine

Innovation Post has published an article on our VEX259, born in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth


Make sure to get a reliable tube or pipe bending machine quotation

Has your prospective tube bending machine supplier asked you for the following information before sending you a quotation? If they have not it maybe that you are not getting an accurate quote.